October 16, 2016 – Work In Progress…

Why is doing nothing…so enjoyable? lol I honestly love doing nothing at all, with no plans, nothing to do, no commitments! Lately I’ve had something going on every weekend and well it’s exhausting haha I wish I could just retire right now, while I’m in my prime! How great would that be? I’d rather retire now, when there’s SO much I want to do, vs when I’m like 70 and have nothing planned but bingo, crossword puzzles, and lunch lol #IfOnly

Once my schedule dies down a little (basically next year lol) and the snow has snowed me in (happily!) and I am confined to my apartment (yay!) I will finally be able to get stuff done!! I shall put a sign on my door ‘Do not disturb’ and by door I mean social media and email since no one actually just stops by anymore lol Ugh I wish they did haha I wouldn’t mind a friendly visit from an unexpected visitor perhaps holding a delectable dip (alliteration, YASS!!!) lol I also miss the days of letters! I mean mail these days is BORING!! I actually get excited when I get a crappy magazine in the mail, at least it fills up my mailbox haha Anyone want to write me letters? I need a pen pal!

Anyhow…focus Michelle! My point is that I know I have big plans for my future, and I also know that I need a drill Sargent barking at me in order for me to get it done! There needs to be a call service where someone keeps calling you yelling at you until you get your list done…and if you don’t answer they knock on your door and yell at you. Basically I need a Jillian Michaels as a life coach/enforcer! lol She can keep her workouts to herself though cause ain’t nobody got time for that haha #DontJudgeMe

My plan for 2017 is really coming together though and I’m proud of myself! I’m making a schedule/deadlines and will be holding myself accountable. I have put stuff off all year since moving to New York, and I can’t do it anymore. Next year will be completely different. I will finally finish projects I started years ago. I will meet my goals, personally and professionally! I will rise 🙂

As far as 2016 goes, I have lots to figure out in order to make schedules work for 2017, and right now I’m in a trial and error part of my life…cooking, working out, hanging out, working on projects…lots I have to figure out. I’m a work in progress, but I love the challenge.

Life is good!



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