August 3, 2012 – WARNING! Fat girl conquering her fears!!!

Well I did it, I conquered my fears of swimming in public!! Our hotel is directly on the beach! It’s so awesome!! I was so excited about it that I changed into my bathing suit as soon as we got here and off we went!! Yes people, I swam in the pool!!

I sat right there on that white lounge chair on the right by the pool! haha

This is my first time in a pool in probably 12 years! Literally it as before I started college and I started college in 2000!! Crazy, right? I had such a great time! I did a hand stand, I was doing leg kicks, swirls and twirls, contests for holding our breath, you name it we did it haha I was like a fish in there lol

And then, if that wasn’t enough, we decided to walk down to the beach and guess who went in the water….THIS GIRL!!! lol I haven’t gone in the ocean in probably 20 years!!! (Literally have a fear of the black death ocean haha) When I was 10 I was swimming in the ocean in Maryland, on vacation, and I turn around…shark. No joke. I didn’t panic but my aunt sure as hell did, I swam as fast as I could doing the doggie paddle lol My aunt came in and pulled me out. Not that I was very far out there, but I was a good distance from the shore. Turns out it was only a sand shark (they come close to the shore) but you trying telling that to a 10 year old lol I haven’t gone in since! So this my friends was MAJOR for me haha

My brother’s girlfriend was just like ‘DO IT!’ haha And I did!! lol I will not lie, the whole seaweed thing is completely disgusting and my brother kept throwing it at me haha I didn’t like the feeling of it brushing up against my legs…and even worse all I could think about was the fact that this is what they use in sushi hahahaha GROSS!!!

On top of conquering two big swimming fears I also laid by the pool in just my swimsuit and soaked up some good ole vitamin d…of course that vitamin d also burned my a$$ as it turns out lol I’m red like a cherry! Oh well, cause I’m going back out again tomorrow!!! hahahaha So fun woohoo!!!

That’s not all folks, I also had cereal at a restaurant while my brother and his girlfriend ate banana nut waffles and chocolate chip pancakes and my Mom ate a garden omelet and homefries! Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite!!! That was a tough one to swallow but the waitress gave me my little box of Honey Nut Cheerios and I was happy!!

After doing a little shopping I went to the grocery store and we bought stuff for the room so I could continue to eat healthy. Had a nice sandwich for lunch and then treated myself to a semi bad dinner. I had 1 cup of fried clam strips, they were amazing and I won’t eat them anywhere else so I had to have them! I paired it with some nice steamed broccoli and afterwards we played some mini golf and I treated everyone to ice cream. That’s right they ate almond joy, cake batter and strawberry cheesecake ice cream…with sprinkles…while I ate a very delicious nectarine!! Damn I’m good hahaha

Now here I am so excited to go to bed because I’m going to get up early in the morning, walk down to the beach and watch myself a sunrise!!! haha What a great day!!! Goodnight all!!!

P.S. I came in last in minigolf…clearly I need to step up my game haha Oh and I forgot to bring pants other than the ones I’m wearing!! lol It’s ok though I found an Old Navy and bought myself some jeans!

Breakfast: 1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios, 1/2 cup 2% milk, 1 banana, 2 strawberries
Lunch:  1 pita, 2 oz turkey, 2 slices American cheese, lettuce, tomato, 1 pkg dry roasted almonds (100 calorie pack)
Dinner: 1 cup fried clam strips, 1 cup steamed broccoli
Snack: 1 string cheese, 1 nectarine

Current weight: 234.5 lbs
Current feeling: Excited


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2 Responses to August 3, 2012 – WARNING! Fat girl conquering her fears!!!

  1. SO thrilled you said ef it and got in the water!!! There is no seaweed in the water at the beaches we frequent in NC. Just sand. I think seaweed would be a deal breaker for me. My mom lives on a lake and when we swim off her dock I refuse to get anywhere the bottom where the plants are. NO!!!Funny how a little mileage on the same coast can yield totally different results! Also, great white sharks trolling the coasts in and around Cape Cod has been all over the news… like my sister says, “It’s not a good idea to look like a seal.” I would have eaten the ice cream. And the waffles. I also suck at mini golf. My little one totally put me to shame. So did my mom. But not Chad 🙂 Hurray for summer vacations!

    • Yeah seaweed is SO gross! I hated it, that wasn’t fun at all!! One day I’m going to go down to like Bora Bora where the water is crystal clear, now that looks amazing!!! haha Lakes totally creep me out…I’m with you on that one!!

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