July 26, 2012 – A show for the dogs and a crumpet challenge!

Today was an interesting day. Everything started out pretty normal, and then 12 dogs came into my studios! lol Dogs were everywhere!! Luckily they were all well trained and quiet (much to my surprise) but nonetheless they were dogs, and well, I’m a cat person! Oh, speaking of cats I also had a cat on my show today haha What are the odds, it was raining cats and dogs!!! lol

Overall the show went well, we had breaking news because a cop was killed and we had tornado watches in effect…that was a minor bump in the road but I handled it well and we got through it with no major problems!

The world of TV is so NOT glamourous, and it’s never what it seems. My job is chaotic and pure torture some days!! lol Sort of like today! After the show I had a meeting with my boss who told me my host was too ‘over the top’ and I had to ‘stay on top of him’ meaning I needed to somehow figure out a nice way of controlling his ‘behavior’ on-air because our stupid consultants said he was like ‘an actor.’ UGH! Seriously? I personally I like, and I don’t think he comes off as an actor at all, in fact I find him to be funny and endearing. And these consultants wouldn’t have a job if they came to every station with no criticism so I take it with a grain of salt…but my boss on the other hand doesn’t. And if she agrees with them, my host could be out of job in a year if I don’t figure out a way to make him ‘less actor-ish’ lol Tell me…how does one change someone without offending them? haha Maybe I’ll just sit him down and go, “You know I love you but…” lol jk Oh the role of being a producer!!! You always have to be the bad guy!!! Dammit lol

Anyhow tomorrow is our last show before we go on a two week Olympic hiatus (which I’m very much looking forward too!!!) and my boss wanted us to do more fun ‘Olympic’ stuff. She wanted us to make fish and chips and tea and crumpets. I wanted to be like, ‘Oh sure, no problem let me just whip that up for you’ haha Finding a guest to come in and cook with less than 24 hours notice is nearly impossible. Luckily I found someone to come in and make fish and chips…but we have to tape his segment at 9:30 in the morning otherwise he couldn’t do it…oh and guess who’s stuck making the crumpets…ME! haha WTF!!

Now I’m a baker, I love to bake it’s true…but I’ve never made a crumpet before. Heck I’ve never made anything that involved yeast before!!! lol This was a totally new experience for me, and it’s like no pressure you have to do something you’ve never done before ON-AIR!!! YIKES!!! haha

To prepare for my segment I hauled a$$ to the store, bought all my ingredients and immediately returned home to make my first batch of crumpets! To my surprise, they turned out pretty crumpet-y! lol There she blows…my first ever crumpet!!

For those of you who have no idea what a crumpet is, it’s basically a cross between an English Muffin and a pancake. It’s kind of like a fluffy English Muffin. They looked pretty good, but I used butter on the pan so I can’t eat them haha No butter for me!!

I feel fairly confident that they will turn out ok when I made them live on air, but since I’m the producer and I have to actually produce the show I’m going to have to ‘prep’ my stages of crumpets at like 6am! It takes 1 1/2 hours for the dough to rise lol OMG I never thought I would have to make a dough at 6am, so it would be ready in time for my show and my segment and so I would have time to finish the rest of my show!! Those 6 minutes are going to be completely horrific!! I just want to get through it, tell fun stories, make some yummy crumpets and call it a day!!! haha Then get back in the control room and finish producing my show!!!

Oh did I mention I also borrowed my grandparents tea pot to make some tea in lol I mean heck it’s all about presentation and since I’m the producer, I get what I want haha

This is going to be interesting…wish me luck!!

Breakfast: 2 cups Special K Red Berries, 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana
Lunch:  1 Foldout Flatbread, 2 oz turkey, 2 slices American cheese, 2 gherkin pickles
Dinner: 1 cup Honey Nut Cheerios, 1/2 cup 1% milk
Snack: 2 Smart Pop Kettle Korn 100 Calorie pack, 1 mango, 2 string cheese

Current weight: 238.0 lbs
Current feeling: Nervous


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3 Responses to July 26, 2012 – A show for the dogs and a crumpet challenge!

  1. Ooooooooh luck!!! How did the crumpet segment go? I never knew what a crumpet was before just right this minute. On the actor-ish host… watch some 30 Rock and then do whatever Tina Fey does. Everyone loves Tina Fey.

  2. Can you be honest and tell him it was the consultants who gave this feedback? I mean that really is what it all comes down to. I hope the Convo went ok.

    Clearly I’m behind on my blog reading (and my personal blogging) but life is finally settling down and I’m finally getting caught up.

  3. Don’t worry I’m crazy behind too!!! Blogging is hard work…and there’s always a ton to read!!! haha This weekend is operation catch up for me!!!

    I did eventually tell him what the consultants said…in a nice way lol He took it well!!!

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