June 29, 2012 – I love Fridays, Fridays are my favorite! haha

Fridays are the best! From start to finish I would say I had a pretty awesome day! The whole day everyone was positive (the b*tchy people weren’t at work lol) we had fun during the show! The show itself went well, few minor bumps in the road. We had sushi for lunch (yum!) and got out of work at a decent time today!

After work I came home had dinner then picked up my Dziadziu (grandfather) and headed over to my godsons baseball game. I was SO excited because I got to see his first big hit!!! It was very exciting because I never get to see any of his firsts!!! The weather was perfect, it wasn’t too hot, we sat in the shade, his team is moving on to the world series game (little league haha he’s 11!) so much fun!!!

Then I brought my Dziadziu to the store to buy some of his essentials…bananas, orange juice, ice cream and donuts lol The funny part is when we left the girl only gave us one bag and we went all the way home and had to go all the way back because she didn’t give us the donuts and ice cream haha Hey my Dziadziu loves his donuts and my Babci (grandmother) loves her butter pecan ice cream…who am I to judge? lol Anyhow, it was no biggie. The fun part was that we saw some fireworks as we were driving back home the second time, yay fireworks!! Bam boom bam!!!

After I left my grandparents my bestie and I went over to Barnes & Noble to do some reading. We love going there, it’s so peaceful and full of knowledge, fun and hotties! haha She has a boyfriend but I can still look! lol

I found this cool Game of Thrones cookbook! I laughed because I thought it was so cleaver! Of course I don’t ever plan on making a medieval times dinner but my friend from work got a new job and his last day is next Friday and he loves Game of Thrones so I decided I will make him some applecakes fit for a king! lol And it’s going to be a total surprise, he’s going to love it!!

Ironically on that day I will also be making cake pops and cupcakes for our interns 20th birthday and for my friends going away party. What can I say, I’m in a baking mood! Everyone will hate me because everyone is on a diet (the world really, right? lol) but hey now if there’s anything I learned from my friends it’s all about moderation!! Just not for me…or I’ll eat the whole pan, I’ll just pass on those lol

Well I’m off to dream land to dream some wonderful dreams!!! Goodnight everyone, hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Breakfast: 1 cups Special K Red Berries, 1/2 cup almond milk
Lunch: 1 cucumber avocado sushi roll, 1 sweet potato tempura roll,1 golden delicious apple
Dinner: 1 Foldout Flatbread, 2 oz turkey, 1 slice American cheese, 1/4 avocado, 1 tbl sour cream, 1 mango
Snack: 1 banana, 24 Special K crackers, 2 Laughing Cow light creamy swiss cheese wedges

Current weight: 246.4 lbs
Current feeling: Cheerful


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