June 24, 2012 – Laundry, books and a new favorite shirt!!!

I finally did my laundry!! After two weeks of not doing it I finally decided it was time! haha Thank god for mothers! My Mom lets me use her washer and dryer lol It took me a few hours so once I had my last load in the dryer I decided I needed a distraction and headed over to Barnes & Noble.

One of my favorite pastimes is without a doubt getting lost in the books at Barnes & Noble! haha It’s so much fun! I get so many ideas from all the books, some of them I’ll read while I’m there or even take notes on, plus you always meet interesting people, it’s good times all around!!!!

Anyhow lol I bought a new book, Game of Thrones; A Storm of Swords. I just finished watching the second season of the show and now I’m obsessed! I love that show! Since season three doesn’t come out until April of next year I figured the book was the next best thing!! I’m not that big of a reader but I’ll give it a go! haha

I also wore my fun jersey shirt to Barnes & Noble. I never wear casual clothes out because  I refuse to show off my arms haha But this one was perfect length and looked oh so cute!!! I didn’t look at good as this girl but I did look pretty bad a$$!! haha It’s my new favorite lounging shirt ever!!

I have to say I’m starting to feel really inspired and good about myself, and I think I’m actually starting to shed my skin of insecurity and timidness. It’s a new day here at my house! lol Prepare yourself world because once this cat is out of the bag, the world will never be the same muahahahaha!!!

BTW I’m currently obsessed with the song ‘Feel So Close’ by Calvin Harris, it’s currently on repeat as I write this blog lol

Well I think I’m going to read a little and hit the hay!! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!

Breakfast: 1 cups Special K Red Berries, 1/2 cup almond milk, 1 banana
Lunch: 1 grilled chicken breast, 1 tbl bbq sauce, 1/2 cup chickpea, corn and black bean salad
Dinner: 2 cucumber avocado sushi rolls
Snack: 2 string cheeses, 24 Special K crackers

Current weight: 244 lbs
Current feeling: Excited about the future!

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4 Responses to June 24, 2012 – Laundry, books and a new favorite shirt!!!

  1. Awsome shirt. I don’t think I could pull off something so low cut in the front. I’m a big girl but wasn’t gifted in THAT department haha. Start showing off your arms girl!!!

    • First of all yes you can! I don’t have a big chest!!!! And it’s not necessarily a low cut shirt in the front I wear it as off the shoulder! It’s wicked comfortable!!! Trust me!!! No arms yet…now those I was gifted with being large and in charge hahahaha

  2. My sister LOVES the show and is reading the books now too. I guess I need to start reading them as well. Right now I’m shamefully reading Fifty Shades of Grey. It’s one of the worst written books I’ve ever read, but I’m kinda sucked into the storyline. LOL

    • I’ve heard so much about that book but still have no idea what it’s all about! lol Lets book swap!! You start Game of Thrones and I’ll start the Fifty Shades of Grey! haha

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