June 14, 2012 – WARNING: Fat girl photo flashback!! EWW!!

So we have an intern for our show, he’s a cool kid. We’re now Facebook friends so I decided to go back and look at my Facebook. I’m not really Facebook active, I’m more of a Twitter girl lol

ANYHOW, moving on…I looked at all my Facebook photos…OH MY GOD!! I found the picture of me with Javier Colon when he came on the show back in January….EWWWWWWW!!! I can’t believe how fat and ugly my face was in that picture, I looked ENORMOUS!!! I looked so bad in that photo…I deleted it off of my Facebook!!! haha

I don’t think it was necessarily a good idea to look at those photos this early in the game because I feel like I’m not that far from where I once was…at the same time it makes me never want to look like that again haha I look like a fat man or Santa Claus!! lol I’m legit wearing a red sweater eww, eww, eww!!

One photo of course leads to many so I searched on my computer to find more fat girl photos and I did. There was this other photo of me with my coworker and that was when I was at my heaviest…wow is all I can say. I looked so plump and festive and just swollen or something lol It actually made me so mad to look at those, I was like torturing myself!! I should have waited until I reached my actual goal to look at those because now I feel uneasy haha

Oh well! On a brighter note I can now open and close my bedroom door and my bathroom door, hooray!!! The maintenance guy came to my apartment today after I got out of work and started my repairs on my apartment!!! He still has more to do so he’s coming back again tomorrow. The end of this BS is near and I CANNOT wait!!! lol 

Anyhow…just felt like venting about ‘myself the formal fat girl’ well one day anyhow haha I’m completely over it and 100% not going to dwell on it. I had a great hair day, my legs are really starting to look great and I felt very pretty today!!! Oh and I went to Kohl’s and bought a new tank top, it’s cute right?

Any shirt that shows off a little cleavage for the boys is a shirt I want lol This one is really cute on, it’s girly and I ❤ it!! Don’t know when exactly I’ll wear it but you know…couldn’t resist!!!

Breakfast: 1 cups Special K Red Berries, 1 cup almond milk, 1 banana
Lunch: 1 Foldout Flatbread, 2 oz smoked turkey, 1 slice American cheese, 1 cup cherries
Dinner: 1 Foldout Flatbread, 2 oz smoked turkey, 2 slices American cheese, 1 cup cherries, 2 tbl sour cream, 1 tsp lime juice, 1 tsp cilantro
Snack:  2 string cheese

Current weight: 250.4 lbs
Current feeling: Pretty!


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8 Responses to June 14, 2012 – WARNING: Fat girl photo flashback!! EWW!!

  1. Don’t be so hard on yourself!!! You’ve worked super hard and come so far, and I bet the difference in photos from then to now is waaaaaay more than you’re giving yourself credit for 🙂 Plus you keep rocking cute tank tops which takes confidence!! A good hair day is enough to boost anyone’s ego. Glad you’re feeling good. Have a super weekend!!!

  2. What do you mean you are not far from where you were?! WHAT! You have lost like…what, 75lbs?! That is AWESOME!!! Keep your old pictures. You need to have them to show people. I’m sure if you showed them off now no one would believe that was less than a year ago! Be proud of yourself and all you have done so far. You deserve a medal or at least a gold star 🙂 EXCELLENT WORK! Be happy!

    • Aww thanks! It just feels like it wasn’t that long ago so it still makes me nervous I guess. I don’t know, clearly I’m crazy! haha After I reach my goal I’ll share tons of pictures of me along the journey and reveal all my info lol I’ll feel better once I’m under 200 haha

  3. Cinnamonpeach says:

    I tried on a shirt exactly like this at Herberger’s today, except it was a light green color. I thought I would love it, but alas, my chest was too big; the lines didn’t fit right. 😦 Shucks.
    I noticed you have avocado quite a bit. Have you ever tried an avocado smoothie recipe?
    Blend together 1 cup of milk (almond milk or whatever if you prefer), half an avo, a few cubes of ice, 1/2 cup vanilla or plain yogurt and 1-2 TB honey. It’s VERY refreshing. Not everyone likes to drink avocados though.
    I enjoy one of these for breakfast sometimes. Yum.

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