May 31, 2012 – Fifth month down, 9.6 lbs lost.

Starting weight (May 1st) – 263.5 lbs
Current weight (May 31st) – 253.8 lbs
Total May weight loss:  9.6 lbs

Starting weight (January 1st): 325.8 lbs
Total weight loss to date: 72 lbs

Well I fell short of my goal by 5.4 pounds…which sucks. I’m really going to have to work extra hard this summer to make up for those pounds!!!

On a brighter note I’m only 3.4 pounds away from reaching the halfway point to my journey! My goal weight is 175 which is 150 pound weight loss. So far this year I’ve lost 72 pounds and halfway would be 75, so I’m happy about that!

Anyhow, after work today (which went well) I went to Costco with my Dad. That store is all kinds of intimidating that’s for sure…but I got this giant box of strawberries for less than $7! I was very excited about that!! I’m going to bring it in to work as a healthy alternative to the good-bye cake for our current producer…his last day is tomorrow!!

Well off to bed I go…early to bed, early to rise! Lots to do tomorrow!

Breakfast: 1 cup Special K Red Berries, 1 cup almond milk
Lunch: wrap; 2 oz turkey, 2 slices provolone cheese, 1 wrap, 1 banana, 1 Activia Vanilla Yogurt
Dinner: 3 oz rotisserie chicken, 1 slice provolone cheese
Snack:  1 string cheese

Current weight: 253.8 lbs
Current feeling: Disappointed


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2 Responses to May 31, 2012 – Fifth month down, 9.6 lbs lost.

  1. While you may be disappointed that you didn’t reach this goal….look at you!!! 72lbs gone in 5 months?! That’s FREAKING AWSOME!!!!! Don’t be disappointed, be proud of yourself and how far you have come. GREAT JOB!!!

    • Aww thanks. It’s all on me, it’s 100% my fault why I didn’t lose the 15 pounds…I didn’t go to the gym enough and I definitely ate more from stress. Lesson learned though…I won’t dwell on it, this is a new month! I’m going for 20!!! haha Thanks for your support I really appreciate it!!!

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